Since 2007 we have been providing online BaZi services to thousands of clients, here is just a sample of some of the feedback from our reports:

Who’s Buying

Penny & Brendon – USA CA

Very accurate report and it opened a window that highlighted our strong and weak points, including why we are a good match, thank you.

Claire & Andrew – NSW Australia

Insightful and extremely interesting to read. We have taken actions from the report and it has improved our relationship greatly.

Stephen – JB South Africa

After many years in a turbulent relationship I had reached a point of complete frustration, the bazi report highlighted why we were not compatible and provided closure. Now we have both moved on and have new partners we remain friends and still keep in touch.

Brian & Angus – London UK

We were curious to see if we were compatible, and were pleasantly surprised by the result. We resonated with the way we complemented each other.

Jill & Jason – FRA Germany

Excellent value and the report was so us. We have a greater tolerance for each other now we understand ourselves better.

Sue – Irvine CA USA

I was having repeated issues with my partner and decided to check if we were compatible, the result was an eye opener and I feel like I dodged a bullet.

Tiffany & Xai – Shanghai China

Loved the process, we are very compatible and would recommend this excellent service

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